Through the years, we have worked on some very critical projects. Camp 72 has been one of the hardest; not because of the technical needs of the project, but the subject matter it covers. While working on the score and post audio for this documentary, we became familiar with what the Liberians have had to live through since their Civil War. 

This is an excerpt from the project’s website:

“During Liberia’s Civil War, Gladys was forced to watch the brutal murder of her mother by a NPFL Rebel. The same fighter held her captive as a sex slave for years. The nightmare started at an area Gladys refers to as Camp 72.  More than a decade later, Gladys like many survivors of the 14-year civil war is trying to rebuild her life and come to terms with the fact that no one in Liberia has been prosecuted for their war crimes. The rebel who raped Gladys and killed her mother lives in freedom miles away from her.” –

With the handful of awards this project has already won, we hope that Camp 72 is able to find the change that Liberia has fought so hard for.  If you would like to support the project or those affected, please follow the link below for more information.

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