Lessons in Seeing is a project that reminds me of the Liberian post-Civil War documentary Camp 72 from last year. This documentary focuses more on how to continue life in a foreign country after being tortured for 25 years. We start work this week on the post audio for this project. It looks to be a very emotional piece; one of hope rising from the ashes of hate.  This will be the second project we have worked on with the incredible director Yehuda Sharim (We are In It 2016). We look forward to helping Yehuda tell the story that many have experienced when finding themselves as refugees in a strange world.  A big thanks to Abbigail Vandersnick (editor) and Yan Digilov (Producer) of The Firestarter Group for the opportunity.

Here is a brief excerpt from the film’s website:

“When the elderly math teacher, Sibhatleab, ventures alone from a refugee camp in Ethiopia, he finds himself at the bottom rung of the social ladder in a vast, faceless Texan metropolis in the summer before a contentious election. As he still copes with his unthinkable twenty-five year history of imprisonment and torture, he finds hope at Salem Market, a tiny store that caters to Houston’s refugee community.  The film tells his story of disillusionment and resilience, questioning our understanding of the immigrant experience in contemporary America.”